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66th International Billfishing Convocatoria hasta Feb

66th International Billfishing Convocatoria hasta Feb

Tournament celebration: June 13 to 18, 2016

Place: Marina Hemingway, La Habana, Cuba

About the tournament: (All prices are valid until February 29 / 2016)

Registration: 450.00 CUC* per team from 1 to 3 anglers and 100.00 CUC per an additional angler. Registration fee includes free mooring if you come in your own boat, personal invitations for the Welcoming Cocktail, Closing Dinner and Awarding Ceremony for the teams.

The visa will be able to acquire it to the entrance to the Marina Hemingway.

All you have to do is notify your entrance with channel VHF 16 and the VHF 77 our work channel.

If the team wants to change an angler to other, they have to pay $ 50.00 CUC. If the team wants to invite someone the price is $ 50.00 CUC.

If you rent own boat to the Marina Hemingway, the prices include: captain and mate, fishing tackle for every angler, baits, fuel and snack.

Boat price: 3000.00 CUC (do not include the registration)

Prizes: First, second and third prize consisting on medals for the team and trophy. Prize to the first capture and prize to the biggest dolphin.

Bank information: (Transfer cannot be done in USA dollars and the rate of change from BFI SA, will be the official)

Bank: Banco Financiero Internacional S.A.  (BFISA) Sucursal 5ta y 92  Swift: FIC CU HH

Owner account: SAC Empresa Marinas y Náuticas Marlin S.A

Account number; 0300000002876222


June 13: Registration and accreditation of the digital cameras in Snack Bar El Dorado.  18.00: Captains´ Meeting and Welcome cocktail.

June 14: First fishing day.

June 15: Second fishing day

June 16: Day off

June 17: Third fishing day.

June 18: Fourth and last fishing day. Closing and award ceremony of the 66th International Billfishing Tournament and the launching of the 67th Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament.

Tournament rules and regulations: Rules according to IGFA, Tag and Release method. The line for the “Ernest Hemingway” Tournament is up to 36 kg (80 pounds). Only the Captain and one team representative will attend the Captain´s meeting. Tag and Release reports or capture reports must be given to the Control Tower of our marina indicating the time, team number and location. The Jury from Cuba Sport Fishing Federation will take irrevocable decisions regarding the validation of Tag and Release capture previously printed in the photograph.

*All the prices are referred in CUC (Cuban Convertibles Pesos)

More information:

Telephone: (53) 7204 5280, 7204 6848, 7204 5088

Email: dircomercial@prto.mh.tur.cu, rpublicas@prto.mh.tur.cu,  comercial@prto.mh.tur.cu, operaciones@prto.mh.tur.cu